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SCR - Local Enterprise Partnership - Monday, 20th May, 2019 9.30 am

Venue: 11 Broad Street West, Sheffield, S1 2BQ

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Notes of Last Meeting


The notes of the previous meeting were agreed to be an accurate record.


SCR Economic Performance pdf icon PDF 267 KB


A report was received to update the LEP on the refresh of the Strategic Economic Plan and the development of the SCR’s Local Industrial Strategy.


It was reported the Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) will outline a route map to a more prosperous and productive City Region. The refreshed SEP will become the overarching strategy which will set out aspirations and priorities for the SCR over the medium to long-term, whilst the LIS is a new strategic document and will be a more focused plan; outlining the investment priorities for driving long-term growth in productivity, scaling up the assets in the City Region, and increasing investment in research and innovation.


The accompanying report provided the Board with an update on the process to develop the refreshed SEP and the new LIS, and the timescales for their completion.


It was reported the process is currently at the ‘evidence gathering’ phase, as a precursor to ensuring forthcoming discussions with stakeholders are appropriately informed.


It was noted the intention is to have a draft refreshed SEP and a LIS by September.


Members considered the importance of engaging a number of additional strategic stakeholders. It was confirmed these would all be engaged as part of the consultation phase.


Consideration was given to how much work can progress with the government on LIS given wider political issues, and other factors such as the pending Comprehensive Spending Review.


Further practical examples were provided to demonstrate the differences between the SEP and the LIS, together with comments regarding how these would fit together and what audiences they would essentially be for.


Concerns were noted that some major engagement exercises are scheduled for over the Summer, traditionally a difficult time to engage the public and other stakeholders. It was agreed the consultation exercise must be robust and meaningful.


Members highlighted some technical inaccuracies in the current report. It was confirmed these would be picked up going forward.


RESOLVED, that the LEP Board notes the update provided on developing the Strategic Economic Plan and Local Industrial Strategy for SCR, and the timetable for completion.



LEP Delivery Plan pdf icon PDF 217 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received informing the Board that following the publication of the Government’s LEP Review report in July 2018, ‘Strengthened Local Enterprise Partnerships’, all LEPs are now required to produce and publish an annual Delivery Plan to outline the activities and outputs the LEP will deliver.


The report therefore set out the draft LEP Delivery Plan for 2019/20.


RESOLVED, that the Board approves the draft LEP Delivery Plan 2019/20.



Transport Update pdf icon PDF 140 KB

Additional documents:


A report and presentation were received to provide an update on the latest transport workstreams.


Information presented covered pan-Regional activities (Transport for the North, Northern Powerhouse Rail and Strategic Development Corridors (SDCs) (focussing on the Southern Pennines SDC)), the Mayor’s vision for transport and the SCR Transport Strategy, the Integrated Rail Plan, the Transforming Cities Fund bid, active travel matters and Doncaster Sheffield Airport.


Further information was provided to explain how the Peak District is recognised with the numerous pan-Regional studies.


The Board discussed the importance to many of the initiatives of clean air technologies, together with the opportunity this presents to better engage the private sector in helping the Region to achieve its transport ambitions. Members agreed the importance of the SCR being at the forefront of new technology development.


It was confirmed the various studies recognise the importance of north-south connections as well as east-west. Similarly, it was confirmed the importance of the East Coast Main Line is being appropriately recognised in all rail-related studies.


It was noted the draft Transforming Cities Fund business case will be presented to the SCR MCA on 3rd June.


Regarding active travel matters, the Board considered the relationship with air quality and the importance of keeping all policies connected.


It was suggested more should be done to engage and question the larger employers in the SCR, to help build the required evidence base needed to inform policy active travel policy decisions. It was confirmed activities such as this were scheduled and would help inform the development of the draft Active Travel Plan.


Members considered cycling best practice examples from other UK cities and considered what the SCR might do to learn from these and develop its own cycling culture.


Regarding Transforming Cities, assurances where requested that too much resource won’t be inadvertently skewed towards these areas at the expense of the non-TCF areas which may risk becoming areas of deprivation.


Regarding Doncaster Sheffield Airport, the Board considered the various ways the SCR might continue to keep the airport and its future potential on DFT and other government departments’ radar.


Regarding the Bus Review, the Board agreed the need for a more detailed timetable of activity to ensure all stakeholders can feed into studies as appropriate.


The Board considered whether national political uncertainty might affect any initiatives.


RESOLVED The LEP Board noted the content of the report.



Skills Bank Update pdf icon PDF 250 KB


A report was received to provide an update for the Board on the delivery on the SCR Skills Bank project.


The update provided an account of the history of the Skills Bank initiative.


It was noted a number of useful lessons were learnt during the operation of Skills Bank Phase 1, which have subsequently informed thinking for Phase 2.


It was suggested a more detailed breakdown of the deals done to date is required to better understand the effectiveness and reach of Skills Bank as a concept.


It was agreed to undertake a more dedicated discussion on the strategic skills agenda at the next LEP Board meeting and consider how the business community can be made more aware of and therefore support the SCR’s skills programme.


RESOLVED, that the LEP Board notes the update provided.



2018/19 Revenue Outturn pdf icon PDF 679 KB


A paper was received to set out the final outturn position for the Sheffield City Region MCA/LEP Revenue Budget and Revenue Programmes for financial year 2018/19.


The Board was advised the accounts would subsequently be presented to the MCA on 3 June 2019, but are noted they are currently subject to external audit, which may result in adjustments at a later date to the figures reported in the paper.


The Board was also asked to consider a proposal to develop a Business Case Development Fund to help provide the preparatory cost funding for new major schemes, noting it is currently the responsibility of the scheme promoter to find this funding, and a somewhat challenging requirement given other financial pressures. This proposal was supported by members and subsequently it was confirmed the matter would now be discussed with the districts’ Economic Development directors and Directors of Finance.


The Board noted the important role the new Thematic Boards would be taking in respect of giving detailed consideration to the financial aspects associated with their relevant schemes.


Action: Dave / Mike to consider the roles of the Thematic Boards in supporting in supporting the financial and other aspects associated with scheme progression and report ideas to the next meeting.


RESOLVED, that the LEP Board:


1.  Note the 2018/19 final outturn position on the revenue budget and revenue programmes.

2. Endorse in principle the proposal to reinvest some or all of the income accrued from LGF to support resourcing the development of business cases, noting the need to develop the proposition in detail.


LGF Programme Outturn pdf icon PDF 659 KB


This paper provides an update on the 2018/19 LGF outturn position and the impact on the 2019/20 LGF programme.


Members were informed the 2018/19 budget hit its 100% spend target.


It was noted there is a strong scheme development pipeline in place for 2019/20.


RESOLVED, that the LEP Board notes the 2018/19 LGF outturn position and the impact on the 2019/20 LGF programme.



Annual Performance Review pdf icon PDF 289 KB

Additional documents:


A report was presented to provide the outcome of the 2018/19 LEP Annual Performance Review (previously known as the annual conversation).


It was reported that following the conclusion of the Review, it has been confirmed the Sheffield City Region LEP is compliant with the National Assurance Framework and is considered to be ‘good’ in all assessed areas.


The Chair led members in commending the team for achieving this result.


RESOLVED The outcome of the Annual Performance Review was to be noted.



Overlapping Geographies pdf icon PDF 151 KB

Additional documents:


A report was received to provide the Board with the first draft of a suggested

Collaboration Framework, for agreement by the SCR and D2N2 LEPs. It was noted this has been developed following the proposal outlined in the 2018 LEP Review that for areas where overlapping geographies are to be removed, such a framework is put in place to manage the process of removing the overlap.


Non-Constituent district Leaders indicated they are engaged with the D2N2 LEP regarding the determination of their future LEP membership positions.


It was noted a formal resolutions process would be worked up to address any issues arising from the transition to non-overlapping arrangements.


It was noted DfT have been asked to provide clarity on how current major scheme funding streams will be addressed as part of the transition to new governance arrangements.


RESOLVED, that the LEP Board:


1.  Note the draft Collaboration Framework

2.  Approve the CEX to continue to negotiate this document on the LEP behalf, and bring a final document to a future board for approval.



Thematic Board Membership pdf icon PDF 161 KB


A report was received proposing the membership of each thematic board (MCA and LEP Lead members).


It was noted that each Board’s membership will be supplemented by additional elected Member representatives from the Constituent districts, and also sectoral experts. It was noted representation from the non-Constituent districts would be dependent on the outcome of the review of overlapping geographies.


RESOLVED, that the LEP Board ratifies the proposed membership of the thematic boards.



Appraisal & Assurance Process pdf icon PDF 301 KB


A report was received to provide details of the current principles and approach to LGF scheme appraisal, to invite a review of the strengths and weaknesses of the current approach, and to make a recommendation for strengthening current arrangements whilst ensuring no compliance requirements are compromised.

Regarding the requirement to appoint an independent Chair of the Appraisal Panel, Members expressed support for this position being taken by the LEP Vice Chair (with the programme portfolio).


The additional proposals to strengthen the Appraisal Panel were agreed.


RESOLVED, that the Board approves the proposed preferred options to strengthen the appraisal, assurance and decision-making processes.



Revised LEP Policies pdf icon PDF 291 KB


A report was presented to provide the LEP policies, revised to ensure compliance with National Assurance Framework guidance.


It was noted that subject to ratification by the LEP Board, polices will be re-published as ‘final’ on the SCR website and will be scheduled for an annual review in 2020.


It was suggested that whilst the Appointments Committee would benefit from continued attention to Equalities and Diversity, the importance of equality and diversity should be evident across all LEP activities.


RESOLVED, that the LEP Board agrees the proposed changes to the LEP policies.



LEP Vice Chair Position pdf icon PDF 156 KB


A report was received inviting the Board’s consideration of the proposed rationale for the appointment of a second LEP Vice Chair, to support the Chair in the areas of stakeholder engagement and management of the agreed programme and to lead on local business engagement and the management of the agreed programme.


It was noted that if approved, a communications plan for the recruitment and selection of a second Vice Chair will be developed. As a minimum this will include the publication of the role and remit via the local website and social media, the government appointment channels and via partner agencies.


RESOLVED Approve the process to recruit a second vice-chair on the terms set out in the report.



LGF Q4 Delta Dashboard pdf icon PDF 228 KB

Additional documents:


A report was presented to provide the Local Growth Fund Quarter 4 update in the form of the 2018/19 DELTA Dashboard monitoring form, seeking approval to submit the return to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) prior to the 24th May 2019 deadline.


It was noted the new housing completion numbers are subject to being updated prior to submission.


RESOLVED, that the LEP Board approves the formal submission of the Q4 2018/19 DELTA Dashboard to MHCLG.



Mayoral Update pdf icon PDF 219 KB

Additional documents:


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Managing Director's Update pdf icon PDF 211 KB


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Resolution Records pdf icon PDF 154 KB


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Any Other Business


It was noted that future LEP Board meetings would commence at 10.30am.